Emdogain Stem Cell Therapy


Periodontitis is a serious gum infection that is caused by bacteria inside the mouth. It has the ability to cause significant damage to the teeth and gums; it also leads to bone and tissue degeneration. This condition is usually preventable when patients practice good oral hygiene habits. In cases where it has been left untreated, it has also been associated with macular degeneration .

Bacteria can quickly grow inside the mouth when oral hygiene is neglected. This is when periodontitis begins to develop. Undetected in its beginning stages, the infection quickly begins to display symptoms. Chewing becomes painful, wide spaces begin to appear between the teeth, and gums begin to bleed during brushing. These are just a few of the possible unpleasant symptoms.

If left unchecked, periodontitis can lead to degeneration of the bone that supports the teeth. This can cause the teeth to become loose and, in some cases, fall out. Not only does periodontal disease contribute to loose and missing teeth, it can also increase the likelihood of other health complications. For instance, sufferers of periodontal disease have a greater chance of having heart problems than those who do have it.

Vero Beach, Florida residents who are experiencing periodontitis know the best place to get dental treatment – Vero Implants & Periodontics. The practice not only places dental implants, but it is also able to diagnose, treat, and even help prevent periodontal disease.

Emdogain Stem Cell Therapy

Dr. Jeff Brown can treat the very foundations of the teeth using Emdogain stem cell therapy. This innovative treatment has been scientifically shown to regenerate and restore both the hard and soft tissues that are damaged by periodontitis.

Emdogain stem cell therapy causes a biological reaction that can regenerate new bone, attachment fibers, and cementum (the hard layer that is outside of the tooth’s root). It is made with specific enamel matrix proteins and the derivatives thereof. This therapy is life-changing and has the potential to significantly improve the quality of the affected patient’s life.

When you visit Vero Implants & Periodontics, Dr. Brown will perform a careful examination that will help him determine whether or not you are a candidate for Emdogain stem cell therapy.

Treatment begins when an anesthetic is administered to numb the affected area. When the drug takes effect, a tiny surgical incision will be made that will enable Dr. Brown to access and clean the root surface material before applying Emdogain to the treatment area. When this has been completed, he will suture the site closed and the healing process will begin.

If you are seeking an Emdogain stem cell therapy, Vero Implants & Periodontics provides the latest advances in dental care. You will not find a more competent dentist who can increase your chances of regenerating the very bone loss that can rob you of your smile.

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Dr. Brown is trained in Emdogain stem cell therapy. He does everything possible to save his patient’s teeth. In those cases where this is not possible, he can offer alternative treatments that can also provide a perfect smile. Vero Implants & Periodontics offers some of the highest quality dental implants as well.

Dr. Jeff Brown is an outstanding periodontist available to help any patient with his or her most pressing dental needs. Contact us to learn more and schedule an appointment.