Dental Implants

About The Procedure

A titanium post is surgically secured into the jaw. Once it has healed for approximately 3 months, a dental crown is placed, completely restoring the function of the tooth. On occasion, implants can be placed on the same day a tooth is removed. Conversely, it may be necessary to remove the tooth and then, with a series of traditional procedures, we prepare to place the implant at a later date. You can discuss the pros and cons for each option during your consultation appointment.

There are many options for dental implants in Vero Beach and Dr. Brown only uses the highest quality, time-tested implants for his patients. In addition to that, the majority of Dr. Brown’s implants are placed using a method called guided implant surgery. This is where a CBCT is used and merged to a replica of your teeth to place the implant perfectly using a custom appliance. Amazingly, these guided implant surgeries typically last approximately 30 minutes and without the need for any stitches. He stands by the science behind the dental implant materials he uses, so he can ensure that the materials he uses will improve your life instead of cause more problems.

“I use only the best implants for you. Knockoffs will never be found in my office.” – Dr. Brown

“Dr. Brown thoroughly explains what to expect from the procedure” – Georgiana C.

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