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Smiles for a Lifetime

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Smiles for a Lifetime

Welcome to a life of confidence

Periodontics treats the foundation of your teeth. At Vero Implants and Periodontics we believe in building a strong foundation on which to build your new confident smile.

Dr. Brown believes that nothing is better than your original teeth and he strives to preserve the teeth and gum tissue. Unfortunately, however, teeth occasionally may not be able to be saved.  Thus, building a strong foundation on which to place premium dental implants is what being a caring, skilled periodontist is all about.

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Let Your Smile Shine


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Treatments With the Highest Quality Material Just for You.

Dental materials are not created equally!  Dr. Brown is committed to making sure that only the highest quality material is used during your treatment!

All the materials we use have gone through rigorous research and development trials and have been time-tested for their biocompatibility and effectiveness. You can trust our commitment to your smile with the use of these premium technology and materials.

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Break Into A Smile

Meet theDOCTOR

Out of town? No local dentist? Think it’s too late to call the dentist? Dr. Brown welcomes ALL new patients!

We can’t wait to meet you.

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“The office is staffed by high quality professionals who are friendly and courteous.”

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