What is a Periodontist

What is a Periodontist

Being referred to a periodontist is a great opportunity to learn about your dental condition and prevent periodontal disease from progressing. But what exactly is a periodontist and why would you have been referred to one? The answer is very simple.

Periodontists are dentists who have undergone three more years of specialized training in the diagnosis and treatment of various stages of periodontal disease. They are also experts in placing dental implants. Their extensive knowledge of how gum disease works makes them uniquely suited to treat periodontal disease in its early and even most advanced stages.

If you’ve been referred to a periodontist, you’ve been having issues with your gums. They may be inflamed and seriously infected. You may have noticed bad breath, loose teeth, and a receding gum line. If your general dentist cannot halt the progression of this disease, they will send you to a periodontist.

There are many treatment options a periodontist can employ to stop the spread and acceleration of periodontal disease. At a first appointment, your periodontist will perform a full examination of your condition and propose the treatments that best suit your condition.

If you still have questions about what a periodontist is and how they can help restore your oral health from periodontal disease, give our Vero Beach office a call today. Dr. Brown is excited to meet you and provide you with excellent dental care.