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Warning Signs You Need A Deep Cleaning

Brushing your teeth every day is not enough to keep them healthy. Additionally, flossing your teeth daily will not work either. A combination of brushing and flossing is also not adequate for dental health.

If those statements are so counter-intuitive they make your brain freeze, the reason may help thaw it out! Without regular deep cleaning, bacteria hardens into a substance called “tartar” and clusters on your teeth and gums. Although brushing and flossing are important measures needed to prevent unnecessary cavities and tooth decay, those steps won’t be enough to clear away thick tartar.

As an experienced dentist located in Vero Beach and Melbourne, Florida, residents often ask about deep cleanings. Some want to know why they are necessary. Others accept the fact that brushing and flossing just aren’t enough. Additionally, they want to know how to tell when deep cleanings are needed. We hope the following information about the necessity of deep cleanings and telltale signs that you are overdue, will help our community members make informed decisions.

When To Get A Deep Cleaning

The American Dental Association has been consistent and crystal clear in its position that everyone should undergo a checkup and thorough cleaning every six months. When you hear people talking about the “six month rule” about seeing a dentist, deep cleanings are part of the program. Unless you follow this golden rule, the potential for tooth decay and gum disease will only increase. That being said, there are also instances when it may be necessary to schedule an early deep cleaning at a Vero Beach or Melbourne dental office.

Telltale Signs You Are Overdue For A Deep Cleaning

While deep cleanings are typically effective every six months, it’s not uncommon for plaque to build up sooner. It would not be prudent to wait for your regularly scheduled appointment. If left unchecked, acidic plaque and tartar can permanently damage your teeth. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, it’s important to promptly contact your dentist.

  • Swollen Gums: When gums begin to redden and swell, that is a strong indicator something is wrong. When bacteria and tartar reside along the gum line, an infection can spread. It’s critical to have the harmful elements removed promptly.
  • Excessive Bleeding of the Gums: If you recently brushed, chewed a tough food item, and then experienced bleeding gums, that is often a sign they are not completely healthy. Bleeding after seemingly light contact is a telltale sign that your gums require immediate treatment. Waiting could result in tooth decay or periodontal disease.
  • Bad Breath: We all experience a little halitosis from time to time. But when your breath makes friends, family members, and colleagues take a step back, the problem may be bigger than a breath mint or mouthwash can fix. Infected or unclean gums could be the root cause of your social problem.
  • Cold Contact Unpleasant: The idea that a cool drink on a warm day usually doesn’t bother your teeth and gums. Even when we take in frozen treats that cause a brain freeze, the teeth and gums are rarely affected. But when ice cream, slushies, or a cold beverage feel unpleasant in the mouth, it may be time to make an appointment for a deep cleaning.
  • Discoloration: When teeth begin to suffer cavities or tooth decay, there are subtle early warning signs. One is a slight discoloration of the white enamel. That is often followed by brown spots and pits commonly called cavities. Gums can also become discolored as dental health begins to decline. If you see uneven white enamel, don’t wait for cavities or the onset of gum disease.

The key takeaway with regards to subtle warning signs is that delaying a dental visit only increases the potential for permanent damage. One way to consider dental hygiene is that brushing and flossing are routine daily maintenance necessities. Deep cleanings are required to clear away buildups to ensure oral health, wellbeing, and the smile you deserve.

Contact A Periodontist Residents Trust

At Vero Implants & Periodontics, our staff of experienced professionals works diligently with families to ensure the best dental health possible. We support proactive measures such as routine brushing and flossing and the necessity of deep cleanings at least every six months. If you are concerned about early warning signs or are overdue for a cleaning, contact our Vero Beach or Melbourne, FL dental office today.