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The Link Between Periodontal Disease and Cardiovascular Disease

Recently, many studies have been looking into the link between gum disease and heart disease. Although research has been unable to prove a direct cause-and-effect relationship, researchers have found that periodontal disease seems to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Scientists believe that inflammation may be the link between the two since the inflammatory proteins and bacteria in gum tissue can enter the bloodstream and have various effects on heart health.

In a recent study, researchers were examining the presence of the bacteria that causes gum disease and the thickening of the blood vessel wall, a common indication of heart disease. Of the 650 samples from patients, researchers found that an increased level of blood vessel thickening was directly associated with the presence of the bacteria. For those with heart disease, or for those with a high risk of developing heart issues, it’s important to discuss your symptoms with your doctor so they can determine the best course of treatment for your overall well-being.
Taking preventative steps to ward of periodontal disease and gum inflammation is essential for controlling the risk of associated cardiovascular diseases. Patients should floss frequently in addition to their regular brushing to minimize the bacteria above and below the gumline that can lead to gingivitis and other gum infections. As your Vero Beach periodontist, we believe that excellent oral hygiene, a healthy diet, and regular exercise is important for both your oral health and your heart! To learn more about proper oral care habits or the affects periodontal disease may have on your overall health, contact us today!