Sugar and Your Teeth

There is a strong connection between one’s dental and overall health. Oral health can give essential clues about other health conditions throughout the body. Regular oral health care helps keep harmful bacteria that cause underlying problems at bay.  Without it, bacterial levels might lead to all kinds of infections, such as gum disease and tooth decay.  Sugar is a major component in causing damage to the teeth. 

Sugar can be found in more foods than most people realize.  It is contained naturally in fruits and vegetables, but hidden processed sugars can be found in other types of foods.  Drinking beverages, such as sodas, smoothies, and fruit juices can have even more harmful effects on the teeth than eating foods that contain sugar. Many of these drinks contain their own acids that cause harm to teeth, in addition to the harm caused by sugars. 

The mouth is where most of what goes into the body enters.  All of the energy and hydration  that is consumed by the average person enters the mouth to be distributed to other bodily systems.  Some food and drinks carry beneficial bacteria.  Other foods and drinks promote the growth of harmful bacteria.  Sugar is in this second category. When some of these harmful bacteria encounter sugar, it produces a sticky acid that clings to the teeth.  This acid slowly dissolves the enamel on the outsides of the teeth and leads to cavities or caries and, if left untreated, can damage the undercarriage of teeth, the jaw below and the tissues surrounding the teeth. 

Limit Sugar Intake

Limiting sugary drinks and food items can ensure better dental health. It can cause gum disease and gingivitis.  If left too long without treatment, the damage that is caused by the sugar can lead to serious loss of teeth and deterioration of the surrounding bony structure of the mouth and gums. 

A study published in Finland in 2014  suggests that not only is the amount of sugar ingested conducive to the formation of dental caries, but also the frequency with which it is consumed also matters. Therefore, consuming small amounts of sugar several times a day can be as harmful as consuming large amounts of sugar more infrequently. 

Dental Implants

Dr. Jeff Brown of Vero Implants and Periodontics is a premier dentist Vero Beach, Florida.  It is his belief that one’s own original teeth are the best option to have. He works hard to preserve them and the surrounding gum tissue.  However, sometimes patients wait too long to see a dentist in Vero Beach and their teeth have deteriorated too much.  In these cases, dental implants may be the best option.  Using a skilled periodontist is the key to implementing this option successfully. Dr. Brown is a Board Certified Periodontist who attended Tufts Dental School, followed by becoming a Florida Periodontal Surgery graduate.  Patients who see Dr. Brown are assured of the best care for their dental problems. 

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease  can result as a consequence of consuming too much sugar. If not regularly treated, this chronic illness will result in an active infection that could compromise one’s health over time. Periodontal cleanings are an important aspect of maintenance of the health and stability of the teeth and post-implants. Dr. Brown and his impeccably-trained team of dental hygienists treat and maintain complex cases restated to periodontal disease for their Vero Beach dental patients.  Dr. Brown and his team understand that maintaining oral health after a periodontal treatment is of utmost importance.

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