Sinus Augmentation

Sinus Augmentation: What to Know & Expect

A sinus augmentation, often also referred to more simply as a sinus lift, is a relatively minor type of surgery that your dentist can perform. As the second part of the term suggests, a sinus augmentation is a process that is done in order to make more room for your bone. The reason why your dentist might recommend a sinus augmentation is to prepare for dental implants that would otherwise not fit in your mouth.

Let’s take a look at some other key attributes of the sinus augmentation procedure and what to expect.

How Your Vero Dental Team Will Determine if Sinus Augmentation is Necessary

The sinus augmentation procedure increases area by lifting up the sinus tissue. The most important result of this procedure is to give dental implants.  The number one reason why your periodontist will recommend this procedure is because of bone loss. The implants would otherwise not be able to be properly and safely secured. 

Common Causes of Bone Loss That Leads to a Need for Sinus Augmentation

  • Periodontal gum disease. Unmitigated gum disease can and will eventually lead to the destruction of the bone that holds the gums and teeth in place. 
  • Cancer leading to bone loss. The way some cancers will progress can lead to bone loss that will eventually require a procedure like a sinus augmentation. 
  • Birth or growth defects. Sometimes there is nothing you could have done to prevent an improper bone structure as it was completely genetic, arising from defects at birth either immediately or during childhood growth. Sometimes, the problem isn’t so much a ‘defect’ but a part of how a person’s facial structure developed. For example, maybe a person has very large sinus cavities that was never a bother until an event required them to need dental implants.
  • Improper healing after a tooth loss. Your body will naturally start healing after it loses a tooth, but it doesn’t always heal in ways that we want it to. Your periodontist might recommend sinus augmentation because of this. 

What to Expect Following Your Sinus Lift or Sinus Augmentation

It is very common to worry about what comes after a sinus augmentation surgery. While this is a common procedure, it is invasive, and it does involve altering the very structure of your mouth. As such, it is important to choose a dentist that you trust and that will help outline exactly what you can expect with the procedure, both during and after. 

Some things to know about post-surgery are:

  • There will be swelling. Slight swelling is completely normal and to be expected. You may even experience some bleeding at your gums and nose as you heal. 
  • A check-up visit is necessary. The dental office you use will schedule a check-up visit between 7 and 15 days following the procedure. It is important to go to this even if you feel as if everything is normal. Only the dentist can really examine how properly your mouth is healing. 
  • Avoid all allergens for the next couple of weeks. The first few weeks following a sinus augmentation are a very sensitive healing time. It is incredibly important for patients to avoid having to blow their noses or sneeze. This is because the force of such activities can really negatively affect the grafted material’s placement, potentially dislodging it completely and requiring a secondary procedure. It is thus recommended to avoid all allergens following surgery (thus, you might have to talk to your dentist about delaying or more quickly scheduling surgery to avoid high pollen seasons. Or talk to an allergist about prescribing enhanced medication during this period). 

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