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Reversing Periodontal Disease with Emdogain

Periodontal disease is a gum infection that damages the soft tissues and bones that support the teeth. Gingivitis is a mild form of periodontal disease, often causing red and swollen gums that bleed easily. As the condition progresses, periodontal disease can lead to chronic bad breath, painful chewing, receding gums, tooth sensitivity, and even loose teeth.

The mouth is full of bacteria, most completely harmless. However, poor hygiene habits and other factors can cause bacteria to accumulate on the teeth and gums. As the bacteria multiplies, it forms a substance known as dental plaque which can progress into tartar. The body’s immune response to this bacterial growth can result in an inflammation of the gums. Over time, the attachment of the gum to the tooth root is disrupted, creating a periodontal pocket that fills with bacteria that damages the gums, teeth, and supporting bone structures.

Early stages of periodontal disease can typically be treated with professional cleanings and better oral hygiene practices. However, surgery may be required for more serious cases. The primary goal of treating periodontal disease is to enable the reattachment and reformation of tissues in the least invasive way possible. Many regenerative therapy treatments and products have been introduced over the years but few have proven successful. Emdogain; however, is the exception.

What is Emdogain?

Originally introduced to the public in 1996, Emdogain is a topical gel application that is used during periodontal surgery and applied directly to the exposed root surfaces. The biological product, which consists of a group of proteins found in developing teeth, has been found to successfully treat intrabony defects due to moderate-to-severe cases of periodontal disease. Emdogain works by safely and effectively regenerating the soft and hard tissues of the periodontium without having to make another surgical site.

Emdogain essentially tricks the body into creating new attachment fibers, bone, and cementum. The product contains enamel matrix proteins derived from the developing teeth of pigs. As these proteins are similar to those of other mammals, the body does not see them as foreign. When the proteins are introduced, it triggers a biological response. The response encourages the body to produce new growth factors for tooth attachment. Emdogain also inhibits the growth of epithelial cells which could interfere with bone reformation.

What Are the Benefits of Emdogain?

Emdogain may be used in a variety of scenarios to help preserve a patient’s smile. Your dentist may recommend the use of Emdogain as an effective and non-invasive way to restore the affected area to its original appearance. The affected area is generally known as a ‘defect’ and refers to the place where the bone and soft tissue began to move away from the tooth.

There are other benefits that come from using Emdogain during periodontal surgery. Patients that undergo surgery using Emdogain often experience less pain and discomfort compared to patients who do not use this product. In addition, some clinicians have found that Emdogain helps in the healing process. After applying the gel to the affected area, Emdogain can continue to form new alveolar bone. This improves tooth attachment for up to 12 months following the procedure.

What Problems Can Emdogain Address?

Emdogain may be recommended by your Vero Beach dental office for a variety of oral health conditions. It has been found useful in treating furcation defects (bone loss), gingival recession, and intrabony defects. Following the treatment, patients can achieve natural-looking results with little to no pain and discomfort compared to more invasive regenerative treatments such as guided tissue regeneration and bone grafting. There is generally no need to undergo additional surgeries for tissue and bone development.

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Clinical trials show that Emdogain gains clinical attachment and bone in 93 percent of cases. The product is also considered safe and no allergic or immunological reactions were discovered during a thorough toxicology program.  To learn more about reversing periodontal disease with Emdogain, contact Vero VIP Implants & Periodontics today.