Regular Periodontal Cleanings: Benefits and What to Expect

Having your teeth cleaned by a dentist in Vero Beach FL twice annually helps prevent excessive plaque from building up. A dental hygienist typically removes tartar, flosses between teeth, and then polishes your pearly white smile. By contrast, regular periodontal cleanings are performed to combat tooth decay and disease. At Vero Implants & Periodontics in Vero Beach, FL, we recommend taking proactive dental hygiene measures if you suspect any form of gum disease. This is what you can expect from scheduling a periodontal treatment.

How Periodontal Cleanings Work

It’s important to understand that periodontal treatments are only scheduled after a patient has been diagnosed with the condition. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 47.2 percent of adults 30 years and older suffer from mild to severe periodontal disease. The number of people with the condition tends to increase with age. Approximately 70 percent of people 65 and older have some form of the condition.

Community members that exhibit telltale signs of the dental health problem are advised to make an appointment. The sooner a diagnosis is rendered, the faster treatment can get underway and minimize any tooth and gum damage. These are common symptoms associated with periodontal disease.

  • Swollen Gums
  • Gums Look Red or Purplish
  • Bleeding Gums
  • Persistent Bad Breath
  • Loose Teeth
  • Experience Pain While Chewing

Patients who are diagnosed with periodontal disease often require deep cleaning every 3-4 months until the condition has been sufficiently remedied. The process involves techniques such as scaling and root planing. During your periodontal appointment, a hygienist focuses on removing tartar from the full length of each tooth. The deep cleaning process runs all the way to where the gum, bone, and tooth’s roots converge. The pocket in the gums will be irrigated during the process using antiseptics.

Benefits of Periodontal Treatments

Periodontal disease is an advanced dental health problem that cannot necessarily be reversed by brushing and flossing regimens. Having this condition means plaque and tartar have accumulated below the gumline. Even a routine cleaning from a Vero Beach dental hygienist cannot reach the infected areas. As the infections fester beneath the gum line, damage to your teeth, roots, and jawbone advance. Fortunately, a series of periodontal treatments can deliver the following benefits.

Reduces Pain and Discomfort

The inflamed gums and aching teeth associated with periodontal disease can severely impact a person’s quality of life. The gums often become constantly swollen and contact with food, beverages, or attempts to chew grow increasingly painful. The discomfort that accompanies this condition fades quickly once treatment begins.

Prevents Further Dental Complications

The planing and scaling techniques used to reverse the disease have a preventative component. The condition tends to steadily progress when unchecked. That means infections generally spread to other teeth and deep into the jaw. By scheduling periodontal treatments, the health issue can be dealt with and prevent unnecessary spreading.

Eliminate Halitosis

Persistently bad-smelling breath is a common side effect of periodontal disease. It occurs when decomposing food particles are trapped in pockets and cling to plaque. It often leads to people not wanting to stand close to you or carry on intimate conversations. This problem can be reversed through a deep cleaning that removes decaying particles. Good oral hygiene goes hand in hand with fresh-smelling breath.

Improved Overall Health

The effects of gum disease and other dental conditions are not limited to the mouth. Infections have an impact on the entire body. They can spread to adjacent areas or enter the bloodstream. It’s not uncommon for people with periodontal disease to feel generally ill. Once treatments begin, patients regain their true sense of well-being.

Restore Your Beautiful Smile

Healthy gums are crucial to feeling confident about a bright smile. While infected, they may appear purplish, swollen, and prone to bleeding. The good news is that proactive periodontal treatments remove the plaque and tartar causing these issues. It doesn’t take long for healthy gums to reappear and that’s a good reason to smile.

Schedule An Appointment

If you are experiencing signs of periodontal disease, it’s critical to schedule an appointment and get a diagnosis. Once your condition has been established, we can take prompt steps to restore your dental health. Contact Vero Implants & Periodontics in Vero Beach, FL, online or call 772-569-9700 today.