Periodontal Home Care Between Cleanings

Home oral care between cleanings can help improve your dental health and help prevent conditions such as dental caries or severe periodontal diseases. Your dentist may recommend a rigorous home care routine to help avoid further dental issues. Recommendations issued by a qualified periodontist are specially geared to help save teeth that have already been adversely affected.

Home Care

These home-care treatments are more rigorous than the daily routine practices prescribed by a regular dentist. They are geared more toward the treatment of periodontal disease rather than its prevention.

Most people have dental plaque at some level. If it is a mild condition, any Vero Beach dental professional will recommend at-home treatments between cleanings. This includes routine brushing, flossing, and mouthwash. Any Vero Beach dental practice can give advice about how to take the necessary precautions to deal with plaque that causes various gum diseases. However, once the teeth have been damaged by plaque, it is better to see a more advanced dental practitioner.

If the problem gets worse, it is not uncommon for your Vero Beach dental professional to issue recommendations for additional care. In the case that home treatments and regular dental cleanings do not help, specific problems may become evident, and surgical or other dental treatments may become necessary. If you have gone too long without proper dental care, your Vero Beach dental professional may want to refer you to a periodontist. This is a dentist who has three additional years of specialized training beyond that of a typical dentist.

If you need an excellent periodontist, Vero Beach, Fl. is the place to be. Vero Implants & Periodontics is able to diagnose and effectively treat periodontal disease. Dr. Jeff Brown practices in this office and is highly qualified to meet his patients’ needs.

Dental implants

For dental implants, Dr. Brown has advanced knowledge of how to place dental implants. He has been specially trained in the installation of the titanium posts that he surgically secures into the jaw. The procedure takes time because it is necessary for the area to heal.

In some cases, dental implants can be placed on the same day that a tooth is extracted. The expertise of the periodontist is imperative in making this determination. Same day implants are not always appropriate. Sometimes the doctor may deem it necessary to extract the tooth, followed by specific procedures that will enable the doctor to place the implant after the area has completely healed. Each patient is different.

Dr. Brown only uses the highest quality implants for his patients using a technique known as guided implant surgery. The surgery is generally brief and can yield excellent results that can change your life.

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Dr. Jeff Brown is a board-certified periodontist that Vero Beach, Fl is fortunate to have. It is his first priority to help people save their natural teeth. If the problem has gone beyond the point of return, he may recommend alternative means of care. Dr. Brown offers periodontal cleanings. He gives his patients oral health instructions and the education necessary to become proficient at periodontal home care between cleanings. Patients who see Dr. Brown leave his office with new knowledge and confidence about better home dental care.