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How Emdogain Can Help You

At Vero Implants and Periodontics, we have various types of treatments to ensure that your needs are properly addressed. One of our services is for guided tissue regeneration and includes Emdogain, a quality-tested material designed to naturally reverse periodontal disease.

For those that experience periodontal disease, sometimes the gum tissues will lose their usual tight attachment to the tooth which will result in pockets forming. As the formation of these pockets gradually progress, the bone that supports the tooth gets destroyed. The periodontist will probably recommend guided tissue regeneration which will allow the tissue to reform and the supporting bone to regenerate. Emdogain’s main purpose is to aid the reforming of the gum tissue and the supporting bone that has been destroyed and has put the future of the tooth into question.

What Is Guided Tissue Regeneration?

Guided tissue regeneration is a procedure attempting to regenerate periodontal structures through different tissue responses. Regeneration, in this sense, is defined as the reproduction or reconstruction of a lost or injured part. Typically this refers to the regeneration of periodontal attachment. For regeneration to be said to have occurred, histology must determine if all the lost tissue has reformed.

What is Emdogain?

Emdogain was first introduced in 1996 and has since helped millions of patients worldwide. The product helps in the growth of new bone and tissue to help rescue teeth that have been compromised by periodontal disease or gingival recession. Today it continues to lead the market in periodontal regeneration. Studies have shown that Emdogain achieves equal or better root coverage and attachment allowing it to increase the predictability of surgical outcomes. It’s also reported to provide more surgical comfort.

Emdogain is used during periodontal surgery treating intrabony defects, furcation defects, or gingival recession. The product helps new cells to begin growing within days, the regeneration of new cementum and periodontal ligaments within weeks, and the majority of new attachments and bone formation occur within months.

How Does Emdogain Work?

Emdogain works by tricking the body into forming new bone, cementum, and attachment fibers. It uses enamel matrix proteins, also known as amelogenins, that is taken from the teeth of pigs. Due to the fact that these proteins are found in all mammals, the human body doesn’t recognize these as foreign so it won’t reject it. The proteins are applied onto the root surface during tooth development as its developing before the formation of the tooth attachment.

Enamel matrix proteins are only in the body for a short period of time during a human’s early development so reintroducing it to the body triggers a biological response getting the body to do what it did naturally during early development. Once applied, the proteins bound together forming into a matrix layer that can’t be dissolved promoting the attachment of mesenchymal cells. These mesenchymal cells both factor in the regain of tooth attachment and restrain epithelial cells from growing which allows the proper tissue and bone reformation to take place without interference.

Emdogain Treatment

If Emdogain is a treatment that fits your needs, your periodontist will discuss the treatment as the least invasive and most effective way of restoring the infected area to its original cosmetic appearance. The infected area will be discussed as a defect because there is currently a periodontal pocket where bone and tissue have refrained from attaching to the tooth. When the periodontist has seen and diagnosed the area, he will clean it and remove any inflamed tissue, diseased tissue, or hard tartar present.

Coming in the form of a gel that is implemented using a syringe, Emdogain will help the damaged tissue to repair itself. Following the treatment, the patient will be able to return to normal activity though the area may be tender so they should avoid flossing or chewing with the infected area for the first few days. This will allow the area the healing time needed without disturbance and will allow the Emdogain to work.

Post Treatment

After about two weeks, 75 percent of infected tooth surface will be covered with the developing tooth tissue. In about a year, the tissues and bone that had detached from the tooth will reattach helping to keep the tooth stable and healthy. It will take about a year for the process to take place and the new tissue to form.

If periodontal disease has caused tissue and bone to detach from the tooth, Emdogain may be used to help a natural reattachment. While it’s not certain this will be the path chosen, the periodontist will make that decision after examining the area. If periodontal disease is negatively affecting you and you’re in need of treatment, come to Vero Implants and Periodontics.