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Emdogain: What, Why, & When

The goal of treating periodontal disease is to allow for the reattachment and reformation of tissues, and regeneration is the best and least invasive way to accomplish this. Through the years, many different regenerative therapy products have come and gone, but few have offered the results offered by a newer product, Emdogain. Here’s a closer look at this product, why it’s used, and when it might be the right periodontal disease treatment for your needs.

What is Emdogain?

Originally introduced in 1996, Emdogain is a topical application that is used along with periodontal surgery on exposed root surfaces. Emdogain is made up of different biological growth factors and proteins that have been scientifically proven to help regrow bone, connective tissue, and gum tissue.

This therapy helps to not only stabilize teeth, but it improves the overall outcomes of periodontal surgery by helping to regenerate soft tissue and bone that help to anchor the teeth. Millions of patients across the world have been treated with Emdogain successfully, and it continues to be one of the top periodontal regeneration products. Studies even show that by achieving better root attachment and coverage, this product can help increase the overall predictability of periodontal surgical outcomes. Some patients even report that they have less post-surgical discomfort when Emdogain is used.

How Emdogain Works

Emdogain works by tricking your body into forming new attachment fibers, cementum, and bone. The secret weapon of this product is the enamel matric proteins it contains, which are taking from the developing teeth of pigs. Since these proteins are very similar in all mammals, the body doesn’t think these proteins are foreign, and there’s no chance of any disease transmission from these proteins. When teeth are developing, proteins are secreted on the surface of the developing root before tooth attachment occurs. By placing these proteins on the root surface of your tooth, it’s possible to encourage new bone formation for teeth that have lost attachment and bone due to periodontal disease.

When the enamel matric proteins are introduced, a biologic response is triggered to make the body do what it naturally did when you were in your early years of development. These proteins are only found in the body for a short time, and when they’re applied to a tooth’s root surface, they group and form into insoluble matrix layers that promote mesenchymal cell attachment. It’s these cells that help produce new growth factors and matric components to encourage tooth attachment. Since Emdogain also inhibits the growth of epithelial cells, it ensures that these cells do not interfere with the proper bone and tissue reformation.

When is Emdogain Used?

Emdogain offers an excellent treatment option for periodontal disease, and after periodontal disease has been diagnosed by a dentist, your dentist may discuss this treatment with you as one of the most effective, least invasive ways to restore the affected area back to its original appearance. The problem area is usually called a defect, referring to the area where the soft tissue and bone has started to move away from the tooth, an issue caused by periodontal disease. If your dentist determines that Emdogain is the right treatment for you, the area will be exposed, cleaned, and debrided of any tartar deposits and diseased, inflamed tissue. The Emdogain is a gel contained in a syringe and it is injected into root surface using the syringe. After the product is injected, the area is closed up so you can return to normal. Within the following weeks, the defect begins to develop new tooth tissue and attachment and supporting tooth structures start reattaching to the tooth, helping to keep the tooth healthy and stable. It generally takes about a year for the new tissues to fully mature and develop.

Of course, Emdogain isn’t ideal for everyone suffering from periodontal disease. It’s important to speak with your dentist at Vero VIP Implants and Periodontics to find out if this option is right for you. Our office uses the very latest in procedures and techniques to treat periodontal disease, so schedule your appointment for a consultation today to get started with a treatment program that is right for your unique dental needs.