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Dental Implants And The Importance Of Periodontal Cleanings

Just because you have dental implants doesn’t mean that you can let your oral health go. With the cost of them, you want to make them last as long as possible, particularly for your lifetime! The one way to accomplish this is through routine dental care from a periodontist in Vero Beach or Melbourne, FL.

How to Take Care of Dental Implants

The care required for dental implants is the same care that’s required for your natural teeth. For instance, once you have the implants, you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day, just like you should your own teeth. You want to avoid using hard-bristled toothbrushes to avoid damaging them. Again, this is the same for natural teeth.

You should also floss your teeth once per day, which removes debris stuck in between your teeth. The debris may irritate your gums and eventually lead to gum disease.

Part of routine dental care for your implants also includes visiting your periodontist regularly for cleanings. This ensures that all of the bacteria and debris are removed from your dental implants and in between them.

Importance of Periodontal Cleanings

When you have food left between your teeth, it acts as a food source for the harmful bacteria in your mouth. As they continue to feast, they continue to thrive. They lurk underneath your gum line and irritate your sensitive gum tissue. If this is left to progress, the bacteria can damage your gum tissue that supports your dental implants. It can also damage your jaw bone, which is also necessary to support your implants.

Additionally, if you already have gum disease without routine care, it can progress and cause you to lose your dental implants prematurely.

In addition, keeping your implants clean keeps them looking new longer. With the right dental care, your dental implants will stay whiter and brighter. Keep in mind that white teeth are often associated with youth, so routine care of them can even keep you looking younger!

You should also know that dental visits to keep your implants healthy and prolong their life are safer than trying at-home techniques. When you visit the periodontist, they use tools that are safe to use on your implants. If you try dental bleach or other abrasive substances on your dental implants at home, you could risk ruining them.

The cost of dental implants is quite pricey, which you already know. You probably also already know that dental insurance doesn’t cover much of the procedure. In most cases, your dental insurance won’t cover any of the cost. Therefore, you should protect these teeth in every way possible. You should also look at it this way; dental implants are an investment. By seeing the periodontist in Vero Beach or Melbourne for cleanings, you can protect your investment and get your money’s worth.

Benefits of Routine Dental Visits

When you visit a periodontist for a cleaning for your dental implants, the experts will thoroughly assess your teeth. They will look for any signs of an issue that could result in losing a dental implant. At the time of the visit, they can either intervene by fixing the problem at the appointment or schedule a visit in the near future.

It’s also an ideal time for you to make sure you’re caring for your dental implants properly. Your periodontist can look for signs that you aren’t and guide you on ways to improve how you care for them.

In addition, you may have questions after you receive your implants that you didn’t think about. You may keep a list of these questions and ask your periodontist at these visits, so you know exactly how to care for the implants, extend the life of them, and prevent problems in the future.

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Dental implants require care just like your own teeth, even though they aren’t natural. By seeking out routine periodontal cleanings and taking care of your teeth at home, you can prolong their life and keep them looking amazing. If you have questions, concerns, or need to schedule a cleaning, contact Vero Implants and Periodontics today.