Man tired, rubbing face and sinus area

Can A Sinus Augmentation Help My Sleep?

One concern many people struggle with is sleep. Their time sleeping is filled with breathing issues causing a person to snore or wake up feeling like they cannot breathe. Another concern people may find themselves worrying or thinking a lot about is dental implants. Both of these issues may seem overwhelming, but they both have something in common; sinus augmentation can help.

Sleep Issues Explored

When people talk about sleep concerns, the first thing they might mention is sleep apnea. This common disorder causes breathing interruptions to the point that you may wake up thinking you stopped breathing in your sleep. You are awakened by a sudden gasp of air that leaves you breathless.

In addition to sleep apnea, there are some other issues that can surface. Sometimes a person has narrow airways that can become blocked. Or, they may have sinus issues keeping their sinus cavities clogged with nasty fluids. Sometimes people feel like they have something blocking their airways to the point they cannot breath well. These extra issues can cause a person to:

  • Snore in their sleep
  • Feel tired during the day
  • Wake up gasping for air
  • Battle insomnia every night
  • And other similar issues

Dental Implants Explored

The second issue many people worry about facing is dental problems. In particular, when the word “implant” is used, they immediately think massive surgery. But that is not always the case. Dental implants are nothing more than the insertion of a fake tooth with a man-made root system. The device acts like your regular tooth. It is attached to the jawbone. This gives the dental patient a mouth full of teeth, looking like they are their very own teeth. They are easy to care for and easy to clean.

However, the problem is that sometimes the area to receive a dental implant is too small. The part of the implant that attaches to the jaw can be too long for the area. When this happens, there are some other things that have to take place before the rest of the implants can be placed into position. In times past, people with this issue were not good candidates for dental implants, but that has been solved through sinus augmentation.

Sinus Augmentation and How it Helps

Sinus augmentation is another term for a “sinus lift.” This procedure is done so your mouth and jaw area have enough room to accept the dental implants. It is used for people that don’t have enough jawbone to accommodate the insertion of the dental implant. Each implant must be rooted into bone to make sure it does not fall out. The sinus augmentation adds the needed base to the jaw to allow for the tooth to be placed correctly.

No dental implant should ever come into contact with the sinus membrane. Another reason for the sinus augmentation is to keep this from happening. One worry people have is how their sleep will be affected once the procedure is completed. Some patients have found that the dental work helps with sleep issues. The sinus augmentation helps alleviate the fear of dental implants and has been known to improve some sleeping patterns.

If you have questions about your sleep issues and how dental implants and sinus augmentation can help you, please call us at Vero VIP Implants & Periodontics today for a consultation at 772-569-9700. Rest assured, this consultation will help you receive answers to all of your questions and know and understand the procedure from start to finish.