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How a Tooth is Removed with 3D Cone Beam Technology

At Vero Implants & Periodontics, one of the main services we perform is tooth extraction. There are a variety of reasons that a tooth needs to be removed. Once we have determined, as a dentist in Vero Beach and Melbourne FL, that a certain tooth should come out, it’s a process that’s easier than you may think. You don’t have to fear tooth extraction anymore with the advanced technology of a 3D Cone Beam.

It is precise technology. It minimizes the risk to other teeth in the area, the soft gum tissue, and the structure of the mouth. Post-op recovery is comfortable since there is less trauma to the mouth area during the extraction. VIP will make the process as seamless as possible for you. Let’s look at how the 3D Cone Beam Technology works before a tooth is removed. Additionally, we explore reasons why you may need this done from one of the best periodontists Florida has to offer.

Why a Tooth Needs Extraction

There are many different reasons why a patient might need a tooth extraction. Sometimes the tooth is impacted where it hasn’t fully come up through the gum line. Or the most common reason is tooth decay. This can happen even with proper dental hygiene.

Periodontal or gum disease can be another reason that a tooth needs to be extracted. Overcrowding too is where the teeth might be crooked and out of alignment since there isn’t enough room for all the teeth to be comfortable. Finally, if there has been any trauma to the mouth area, the tooth may not be able to heal properly and needs to be removed.

How 3D Cone Beam Technology Works

3D Cone Beam Technology is a type of specialized x-ray that we use at VIP. It allows our periodontists to see all the underlying nerves and arteries in the jawline, so that surgical incisions can be made with more precision in removing a tooth that is impacted.

The 3D images that come from the Cone Beam Technology, or computed tomography (CT), are much more advanced than traditional facial and mouth images. The 3D images go deep into the entire structure surrounding the tooth, including soft tissue, bone, and nerve pathways. This will allow the periodontist to have a much better understanding of how to extract the tooth with minimal trauma to the rest of the area around it.

No Special Preparation Needed for a 3D Cone Beam Scan

There isn’t any special preparation that you need to undergo for a 3D Cone Beam image scan. It will just feel like regular dental x-rays are being done. The high-resolution 3D images are of a much better caliber in preparation for a tooth extraction procedure.

How a Tooth Is Removed

There are two types of tooth removal procedures. One is a simple extraction that doesn’t require an incision. In that type of extraction, a tooth is loosened with a device called an elevator. Then dental forceps are used to remove the tooth. A local anesthetic is used to prevent feeling and any pain. This is applied to the area where the tooth is being removed to make the patient more comfortable.

The other type of dental extraction is a surgical one. This is necessary if the tooth is impacted below the gum line or has been damaged in some way from trauma or deep decay. Then a small incision is made before the tooth is removed in much of the same way as it’s done in a simple extraction when the tooth is pulled from the socket of the jaw. Finally, the periodontist will need to wash out the socket, close it up, and stitch up the extraction place where the tooth was located.

Both types of tooth extractions are very routine procedures that our periodontists perform quite often for patients of all ages. The types of sedation that we use are with the goal of keeping the patients as comfortable as possible during any dental procedure.

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At Vero VIP Implants & Periodontics, if we determine that you need a tooth extraction, it’s nice to know that the technology of the 3D Cone Beam scan is available. Additionally, it will help make the process of tooth extraction go as smoothly as possible. Contact our experts today to address your concerns or for an appointment.